“Swirl" August Fiber Club Coordinate- PRE-ORDER - 4 oz.


This is a pre-order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be dyed and shipped. If you order these with shop update items, it will delay shipment. Place separate orders for speedy shipment of update orders. I'll automatically combine extras and coordinates with club if it will save on shipping.

"Swirl" is a pale muted pink with splashes of lavender.

This month’s colorway is dyed on Cormo wool. Cormo sheep were bred from Merino and Corriedale sheep and the fiber retains the characteristics of both. The fiber is about 4” long with a micron count of 23. It’s super crimpy and bouncy and and fuzzy and has a lovely sheen from its longer-wooled parent.

This colorway was inspired by and named after a particularly delightful ice cream flavor. I hope you love it.

4 oz.

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