"Enchilada Night" Corriedale. - 4 oz. - PRE-ORDER


This is a pre-order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be dyed and shipped. I'll combine orders with club for shipping if it will save on postage costs.

If you've ever wanted a colorway but found there wasn't enough for your project, then this pre-order is for you! I'll do these on a somewhat regular basis, so keep an eye out if this is of interest.

This combed top a nice, soft, fluffy Corriedale. Use it for anything! It’s a workhorse. I love Corriedale sweaters, socks, hats, and mittens. It’s super easy to spin. 27 micron, 5” staple, it’s a product of New England and a total delight.

4 oz. bag.

It's available on three bases. 
All samples were made from Corriedale.

Corriedale - Sturdy, silky, fluffy, and softer than the Finn, approx. 27 microns. Soaks up that dye. Good for anything. Product of New England.

Finn - Sturdy, shiny, silky, approx. 29 microns. Soaks up the dye. Use for items that will get more wear. This is a favorite that I haven't been able to get for a long time.

Rambouillet - Kitten soft soft soft soft. 21.5 microns. The least sturdy, so suited to accessories or for dressing baby. Product of the USA.

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