Fiber Club Extras - Ground Dweller - 4 oz.


Extra super duper love the fiber club fiber you received? Come back a week after club ships and there will be extras available so you can get some more! Bags are 4 oz., just like club.

March's fiber is a South American wool blend. 25-26 microns, silky, sturdy, but softer than even that micron count leads me to believe. I think it’s a really good middle of the road fiber that would be good for most anything. It takes the dye wonderfully and lends a little shine to it.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have been a club member the month the fiber was produced to order this fiber.

Orders will be combined with your next club shipment and I'll refund excess shipping.

20 available



Shipping to Alone With Others
Canada $10.00 $4.00
United States $7.00 $1.00
Everywhere else $14.00 $5.00