"Enchilada Night" Rambouillet Spinning Fiber - 4 oz. - PRE-ORDER


This is a pre-order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be dyed and shipped. I'll combine orders with club for shipping if it will save on postage costs.

If you've ever wanted a colorway but found there wasn't enough for your project, then this pre-order is for you! I'll do these on a somewhat regular basis, so keep an eye out if this is of interest.

This Rambouillet wool combed top is baby soft, puffy, and just plain glorious. At 21.5 microns, it is definitely next-to-skin soft. It's got a matte, soft look, too. A joy to spin.

Grown and processed in the US

This colorway is available on three bases. 
All samples were made from Corriedale.

Corriedale - Sturdy, silky, fluffy, and softer than the Finn, approx. 27 microns. Soaks up that dye. Good for anything. Product of New England.

Finn - Sturdy, shiny, silky, approx. 29 microns. Soaks up the dye. Use for items that will get more wear. This is a favorite that I haven't been able to get for a long time.

Rambouillet - Kitten soft soft soft soft. 21.5 microns. The least sturdy, so suited to accessories or for dressing baby. Product of the USA.

26 available



Shipping to Alone With Others
Canada $12.00 $4.00
United States $7.00 $1.00
Everywhere else $14.00 $5.00