"Wild Onion" May Fiber Club Coordinates- PRE-ORDER - 4 oz.


NOTE: This month, there are two dark purples that are pretty similar. This one has is greyer than Alliums, which has flashes of fuchsia.

This is a pre-order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be dyed and shipped. If you order these with shop update items, it will delay shipment. Place separate orders for speedy shipment of update orders. I'll automatically combine extras and coordinates with club if it will save on shipping.

This month’s fiber is a 22-23 micron Polwarth mixed with Tussah silk, 85/15. It’s super soft and shiny and a delight to spin.

I was thinking of the alliums and irises in my garden when I mixed the colors. I hope you love it!

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United States $7.00 $1.00
Everywhere else $14.00 $5.00