MEMBERS ONLY- Fiber Club Extras



PLEASE NOTE- All extras purchased after May 1 will ship with May club.

Extra super duper love the fiber club fiber you received? Get some more! Bags are 4 oz., just like club.

SECONDS are the ends of dyelots and smaller pieces of fiber, up to 4 to a bag. Get good stuff at a discount!

PLEASE NOTE: You must have been a club member the month the fiber was produced to order this fiber. If you were not, your order will be canceled. Thanks!


  • New Summer - April - 11 left in stock
  • Breathless Air - March - 6 left in stock
  • Freeze & Thaw- January - 11 left in stock
  • Well-Aged - December - 7 left in stock
  • Peak Color - October - 2 left in stock
Shipping to Alone With Others
Canada $4.00 $1.50
United States $2.00 $1.00
Everywhere else $6.00 $2.00