"All Bark and No Bite" Ltd. Edition American Wool Blend - 4 oz. - LAST CALL

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This fiber is a limited edition wool blend from a big American wool pool. The sheep themselves are halfbred, usually a Corriedale and something finer, and the wool is from many different halfbred sheep. So, a true mutt!

The fiber itself has a 4-ish inch staple and is super fuzzy and fluffy and crimpy. It reminds me of Shetland, Cheviot, Targhee as far as the volume and bounciness. I think this is going to be a good all-around wool, much like the ones I’ve compared it to. Approx. 29 microns.

4 oz.

It's available on four bases. 
All samples were made from Corriedale.

Corriedale - sturdy, longer and silkier than the others, approx. 27 microns. Soaks up that dye. Good for anything. Product of New England.

Ltd. American Wool Blend - Sturdy, poofy, crimpy, approx. 29 microns. Soaks up the dye. Use for items that will get more wear. Product of the USA.

Targhee/Bamboo/Tussah - So squishy and puffy and soft with streaks of bamboo and silk. This puffs up in a bath so much! This is more delicate than the Corriedale or wool blend and has softer colors. Sturdier than the Rambouillet. Wool is grown in the USA.

Rambouillet - Kitten soft soft soft soft. 21.5 microns. The least sturdy, so suited to accessories or for dressing baby. Product of the USA.